The International Housing and Home Warranty Association (IHHWA) aims to promote the benefits of construction guarantees and warranties at an international level. The IHHWA brings together new home warranty bodies from across the world to:

  • Provide a forum for warranty organisations to establish contact and build relationships around the world
  • Exchange policy information on respective warranty markets
  • Share best business practices and experience
  • Share market and business intelligence
  • Provide a portal through the website of information, research and policy updates on housing and home warranty issues around the world
  • IHHWA provides a platform for members to engage between each International Housing and Home Warranty Conference
  • Provide regular updates on issues within the warranty market
  • Two annual meetings with a programme of activity discussions and updates.

IHHWA was founded in 1993, originally as the Association of European Home Warranty Organisations (AEHWO) to represent home warranty interest to parliamentary, government and civil service agencies, the Institutions of the European Union and other international bodies. It expanded to become IHHWA in October 2010.

Lewis Sidnick was elected as Chairman by the IHHWA Board in 2015.

Lewis Sidnick - IHHWA Chairman