AGEMI, established in 1993, has all the technical, financial and juridical skills to allow the builder to provide all warranties the consumers need.

The particularity of the French framework is that there are very specific legal obligations, especially concerning the risk of insolvency of a house provider (The 1990 law) and the risk of defects occurring within 10 years after completion (decennial liability and “Spinetta” law).

For house building AGEMI provides two sorts of warranties.

The first one, before completion, is called “Garantie de livraison à prix délai convenus” (Warranty for delivery at an agreed price and deadline) and covers the consumer against insolvency of the builder and gives to him a security of completion of his house on time and at the agreed price.

The second one, after completion, is decennial liability insurance and a “Dommage Ouvrage” insurance (First party building defects insurance). The “Dommage Ouvrage” is a pre-finance instrument intended to provide funds necessary for the repair of defects in the interest of the consumer.

AGEMI also provides “Dommage Ouvrage” insurance for flat building with the same cover as the house building one.