The International Housing Association (IHA) is comprised of organizations from countries around the world representing the home building industry. IHA was established in 1984 to provide a global forum for networking, information sharing, and discussion of common issues and concerns related specifically to housing and the home building sector.

International Housing Association members exchange information regularly by addressing key issues related to national and international housing construction and development. Areas of discussion include economic and industry analysis and forecasting, taxation, new technologies and innovations, green building, building regulations, international housing finance, land planning, environmental issues, and international cooperation.

The International Housing Association (IHA) holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the NAHB’s International Builders Show (IBS) in the United States, although other international venues may be elected at the discretion of a majority of IHA members. Interim meetings may also be proposed by any IHA member. Annual and interim meetings provide opportunities for members to meet and strengthen association and country relationships, discuss pre-identified topics of interest, and exchange information on the current situation and latest developments in the housing industries of respective member countries.